How to build healthy habits

The secret to a healthy lifestyle is making small changes that last

Your health matters

To be at our best we need to eat well, move more and get the rest we need, when we need it. But knowing what to do is the easy part. It’s the how that’s more difficult.

Lots of us find it hard to stick to healthy eating plans or exercise regimes, usually because of a lack of time or a tendency to try to change too much, too soon.

The secret to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is keeping things simple and being realistic. Rather than trying to make drastic changes all at once, focus on building simple healthy habits, one step at a time.

That’s where we can help.

Make a Habit of It

Small changes can make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your health and wellbeing

Make a Habit of It

Try these tips to build healthy habits that stick, even when life gets busy

Know why
If it's just because you think you should, you won't. What's motivating you to make a change?
Make it fun
There's a myriad of ways to move more and eat better. Do something you enjoy.
Be specific
'I will eat more healthily.'
'I will snack on fruit and nuts instead of chocolate.'
Never miss 2 in a row
1 off day is OK, but 2 quickly spirals into 5, 10...
Do 1 at a time
Focus on 1 habit for 30 days before adding a new one.
Find a buddy
You're more likely to go for a lunchtime walk if your friend is coming too.

Start today

Click on the icons below to choose from 1 of our 3 toolkits, each designed to help you make simple healthy habits part of your everyday routine*

Eat well

Eat well

Knowing the facts makes it easier to start building simple healthy eating habits for a change that lasts.

Move more

Move more

Even the smallest amount of activity can boost your health and wellbeing and you might be surprised to learn what counts!



When the pressure is on, at work or at home, finding time for a break often feels counter-productive, when in fact, it's just the opposite.

*Please consult your GP, doctor or physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise regime to ensure it is appropriate for you to do so.


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